December 2021 Board of Trustees Meeting

December 10, 2021
209 Main St. Westcliffe, CO 9:30 a.m.

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes
A. Regular Meeting Friday, November 12, 2021
B. Special Meeting Wednesday, November 16, 2021

III. Financial Reports
A. Previous Month’s Report

IV. Report on Projects
A. Adult Programs Report – Attachment 1
B. Youth Programs Report – Attachment 2
C. Partnerships
D. Grant Updates
E. Building & Facilities
F. Website & Technology

V. Director’s Report

VI. Old Business
A. Finance Committee Exploring Future Audit Procedures – What the current and possible previous years’ documentation requirements will be in years when a full audit is undertaken
B. Finance Committee Reviewing Liability Insurance Coverage/Valuation to Determine Sufficiency
C. President Matthews Contacting UBB Regarding Waiving of Bank Fees
D. President Matthews Contacting Hotspot Vendors to Request Donation or Reduced Rate
E. 2022 Board Retreat

VII. President’s Report
A. Approve Revision to WCCLD Bylaws to Accommodate New Administrative Structure – Attachment 3
B. Approve Suspension of WCCLD Operational Policies Related to Director Decisions until Policy Review Committee Presents Suggested Revisions to Accommodate New Administrative Structure – Attachment 4
C. Approve Revision to WCCLD Operational Policies to Allow for Investment in Local Government Investment Pools (LGIPs) – Attachment 5

VIII. New Business
A. Consideration and Vote on Hiring of a Co-Director
B. Draft Press Release Regarding New Administrative Structure
C. Trustee Reappointment Letter – Attachment 6
D. Approval of Resolutions – Attachment Group 7
i. Resolution Permitting WCCLD’s Investment in ColoTrust Plus with Designated Signatories – 7A/7B
ii. Certification of Valuation – 7C
iii. Certification of Mill Levy – 7D
iv. Resolution to Adopt Budget – 7E
v. Resolution to Appropriate Sums of Money – 7F
vi. Resolution to Set Mill Levies – 7G
vii. Resolution to Set Tabor Reserves – 7H

IX. Matters from the Board
A. Review and Approve Allocations for 2021 Staff Bonuses – Attachment 8

X. Adjournment