Community Room

The Community Room is owned by the West Custer County Library. We welcome our community to use this room as a meeting place and hope it serves you well. In order to cover the costs for this building the library needs to charge a rental fee for use of the room and requires users to maintain a standard of care and cleanliness in the space. Thank you for your cooperation.

Rental of a community room does not include advertising for your event on our website, on our calendar or on social media. Facebook or other social media co-promotion requests will be declined.


Community room reservations can be made in-person at the library or by e-mail. We are not offering an online application at this time. You may call the library at 783-9138 to reserve a date/time and then come in to fill out the form.


$10/hour for businesses or individuals; $5/hour for other governments and non-profit groups or activities. Fees will be applied to the amount of time reserved on the calendar or actual time in the room rounded to the nearest half-hour, whichever is greater.


  • Library services and sponsored functions have priority for use of the Community Room.
  • The Community Room is reserved on a first come, first served basis, with library programming having first priority.
  • To reserve the space for your organization, call library staff at 719-783-9138. Only library staff can make an official reservation.
  • Asking staff to reserve the room on the calendar is a commitment to pay.
  • Payment is due prior to the use of the room. Checks should be made out to the West Custer County Library District (WCCLD).
  • Prior to the event you must make arrangements for payment and key pick up, if necessary, during open hours at the West Custer County Library, 209 Main, Westcliffe, CO.  81252.
  • Events with audience participation must present a liability insurance certificate. Please contact the Circulation Coordinator or a Co-Director for more information.
  • Renters must include setup and takedown time in their reservation.


  • The capacity of the Community Room is 45 people. All entrances and exits must not be blocked by furniture or people.
  •  No alcohol can be served in the Community Room. Minors must be accompanied by adults.
  •  Activities cannot present risk to the safety and well-being of citizens.
  • Please clean the room (and kitchen) after use; run the vacuum cleaner; garbage goes into trash cans or in a tied bag next to the trash cans; verify that the restroom is empty; turn out lights; upon leaving, leave front and side doors locked.
  • The Community Room key can be left in an envelope in the book drop when you are finished if the Library is not open.
  • Any sales or solicitation activities require a Town of Westcliffe Business/Sales Tax Permit:
  • Food and drink are allowed in the Community Room. Renters must clean the room and kitchen after use.
  • No artwork may be moved at any time.
  • If you have problems, contact the Circulation Coordinator or a Co-Director at the Library as soon as it is open.
  • It is preferred to keep all of the Community Room doors closed when in use.


  • The furniture in the Community Room may be moved around, but must be put back in their original place at the end of the event.
  • There are 5 folding card tables in the cabinet labeled Library Tables.


Cancellation of reservations due to weather (i.e. snow day) or other unexpected library closings will either be refunded or rescheduled, at the preference of the renter.

Reservations may be denied if library staff believes the group has abused the use of the facilities, if the event conflicts with the mission of the West Custer County Library, or would be disruptive to the use of the library by others.