Poetry Contest

2024 Poetry Contest Entry and Release Form

2024 Winners

Teen Winner:

Do You Remember

by Miranda Benoit

When I think of you

I can’t help but wonder

Do you remember my favorite color?

Do you remember that I love sports?

Do you remember the last time we hugged?

The more time we spend apart

The less I care

My inner child sobs

How has it gone this far?

When did I stop being your little girl?

When did you stop caring about me?

I remember painful nights

Where I would cry for you

Hoping and Wishing

That you would come back

And make me whole again

I can’t help but think

Maybe I’m the problem

But deep down I know

It’s not my fault

It was yours.

Adult Winner:

A Loneliness

by Lisa Gurian

Sometimes I awake with the most exquisite loneliness

An ache so encompassing

I can just lay there.

Examining each sunbeam dust mote

the minutia of a color on the edge of a bauble on a shelf with all it’s history

mingled with my past, a meditative stillness

that will snap any second.

I am consumed with yearnings


good deed, bad deed



efforts, assaults, triumphs

fury, betrayals, survivals


I hear my own heartbeat

harsh breath

sounds of the house, critters in the awakening day.

I am struck with the ides of all reasons one gets up, or does not



I lay there staring at something on my shelf, in my room, in my bed.

‘You are safe’ I say

‘you are safe now.’

And there is a pause where that is so.

And then;

I am saturated with memory, longing,

and exquisite loneliness