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2020 Winner

Bold by Grace Medina

Oh moon please don’t go
the sun takes control
leaving behind a heart of a soul
stars play in a
whirlwind of magic,
love a figment of
your imagination.
Flowers don’t bloom,
the cold wind hovers.
Three words so cruel and unwanted.
Be bold, the sun
shouted across
The horizon.

2019 Winners

Youth Winner:

Eight Planets by Milo Straight

The eight big planets around the sun
I’m going to tell you about each one.
First there’s Mercury
Then there’s Venus
We all know Earth because we’ve seen it.
Mars’ storms make it dusty,
It is also very rusty
Ceres, well it is really fine
Cloudy Jupiter needs a shine
Saturn’s rings of rocks and ice,
That could be our paradise.
Uranus is so very blue
Neptune is that color too.
Pluto is so very small
That is the last of them all.

Adult Winner:

le temps d’or by Audrey Sizemore

You are life
Its meaning caught in your movement
Blindingly beautiful
Like the waning sunlight on the water behind you
Your motion breaks the plane of plain existence
Defining what was always a mystery before
Describing the love of living
Existing is easy to explain
Right then for a fleeting moment
All the answers are there
Written by your body moving across the field
Until you disappear into the setting sun