An Introduction

By: Makynna Reiff

    As this is my first article for the library blog, I thought I’d introduce myself and what I’m involved in around the community. My name is Makynna Reiff, and I moved to Westcliffe from Kansas City Kansas around 4 years ago. I am a sophomore in high school for the 2017-2018 school year, and I am in FFA, Band, and Choir, I also seize the opportunity for any acting experience I can get around town.

    I am homeschooled, but I take a few classes at the public school here in town each day. I am in Agriculture II, Choir, Band, and I also take an online German language class at the school. I am a volunteer shelver at the library, and I was the teen intern for a year there as well. I love books and learning new things.

    I have been a member of the Custer County FFA  chapter for two years now, and I am the chapter Reporter this year. I have been learning a lot about agricultural through FFA, and hope to continue learning more. I will be competing at the State level in the FFA speech contest.

    I have been involved in acting since around age three, but really dove in at age seven.. I was a part of a big theater company in Kansas before I moved here, and I try to be a part of the Jones and high school productions as much as my schedule allows me to. Theater, mainly musical theater, has always been a place for me where I automatically feel like I belong, no matter where I am at.

     In future articles, I will talk about some of my interests, and how I can be involved in them through our community. It will be another way for people to see our community through the eyes of someone else, in a way they may not previously have seen our community. I will also write about interesting things happening in our town, or other close cities. I hope that readers will find my writing informative, and my perspective unique.