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Book Recommendations and Reviews

  • Check out Good Reads for book recommendations or create your own account and share your good reads with others!
  • Novelist can help you find your next favorite read. Just type in your favorite book or author and hit “Go”. You will need to sign in with your library card number. Click on “book read-alikes” or “author read-alikes” for a list of suggestions to try.

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eBooks & eAudio Books

  • If you have our latest library card with 14 digits on the back, you are all set to start accessing eBooks and eAudiobooks on your devices (iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, iPad, Nook HD, Windows and Mac computers).  Visit for directions on setting up your device with the cloudLibrary app. Look under “Get the free app” on the left of that page. Need help getting the app installed? Just stop by the library with your device.
  • Project Gutenberg – Over 19,000 free online eBooks including the great classics.
  • Librivox Audio Books – Listen to free e-Audio books online including the great classics.