West Custer County Library has some wonderful activities and events for kids. For information on the library’s upcoming events for kids, please check out the calendar. For information on the library’s Summer Reading Program, please go to the Summer Reading Program page. To find out about monthly, reoccurring events scroll down this page.


Thanks to a partnership with the Colorado State Library and funding from the Buell Foundation, West Custer County Library is please to offer free toys, book and other materials to caregivers who live in Custer County and care for a child under age 6 for a family member, friend or neighbor.

Please see Youth Services Librarian Jessica Carter for more information on this opportunity.


It was my honor to be a judge at this year’s Invention Convention at Custer County Schools. The kids did an outstanding job, I was very impressed by their imagination, creativity and ability to translate their ideas into working models. Below are the 2017 winners. Congratulations! – Miss Jessica

Most Promising Inventor and Invention
Ayrihanna Rusch – The Sink that Reuses Water

Honorable Mention from 3rd Grade
Daniel Day & Colt Moulton – Handicap Alarm

Honorable Mention from 4th Grade
Isabella Ferron & Kenna Ingram – Vet T.S.

Honorable Mention from 5th Grade
Wynlynn Bowers – 45 min. Filter

Play to Learn

The library is pleased to begin offering this brand new program specially designed for little ones ages 0-4 and their caregivers.

Play to Learn Info

Play to Learn Dates

For more information, please call Jessica at 719-783-9138 ext. 4 or email

 Camp Happiness 2016-17 Schedule:


  Book Videos

Now you can access storybook videos at home with your child. The Sag Foundation has funded a site (link below) featuring actors and actresses reading various books. The professionally filmed videos even include storybook animations! From the website you can also download activity guides that go along with each story.

Storyline Video Website

Songs and Rhymes Online

Help your infant or toddler get ready to read by singing and rhyming with them. The StoryBlocks website (link below) features videos with all kinds of different songs and movements that you can do at home with your child. The site is brought to you by Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (CLEL).

StoryBlocks Website

Find Your New Favorite Book:


Looking for Homework Help and Research Tools?

We have ’em. West Custer County Library offers FREE access to Encyclopedia Britannica, and the EBSCO research database.




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